Transfer to Emu Plains

Hello my wonderful family,
So here’s spreading the news. I'm leaving Grafton, and going to a new area called Emu Plains. It is in the Penrith Zone really close to Sydney, and I get to go to the Temple. WOOT! :) I couldn't be more excited about that. I have missed going to the temple. I haven't been for about 4 months and I really miss it. I can't believe that the time has gone by so fast though. But another wonderful blessing...drum roll please....I'M TRAINING A NEW ONE!! Holy cow. I can't even believe it. The Zone Leaders called me and told me Saturday that I'm leaving Grafton and going to a new area. Then President called that night and told my companion that she would be staying in Grafton and Training, then he asked if I was listening. I said hello and then he asked me to train! Holy Cow? What? I of course said yes, but inside I just got really nervous. I felt so under qualified. I have only been out for a little over 5 months. How on earth am I supposed to train somebody new? I kept thinking about it and I just was stressing myself out. But then I thought, just say a prayer. So I did. I prayed for quite a while expressing all my feelings. Then this incredible wave of peace just came over me. I felt so comfortable and so ready to train. I then remembered the blessing I got last week that said I would have full confidence in Heavenly Father and his plan for me. I know that this is his plan for me, and that I will be able to do this with his help. It is a very humbling experience to get to train a new missionary but I'm really excited now. President said that everything that happened this transfer is completely inspired, and that we should have no problem but to trust Heavenly Father and that this is his will for us. :) I'm grateful to have such a wonderful Mission President who has so much trust and reliance on Heavenly Father. 

This last week in Grafton was really sweet. I spent a lot of time with the members saying good bye and all that. On Sunday I bore my testimony and of course I cried and everyone else was too, even the men. It was so sweet. I really felt loved and appreciated by them. I was so grateful to spend the time with them and to get to know them. Hopefully I will be able to see them all again someday.

Well on another exciting note, the new missionaries don't get here until Wednesday so guess where I'm spending my time...? In the CITY :) Only for a couple of days, but I love it. And I'm with Sister McKinnon. I absolutely adore her. She is one of the sisters that went with me to Mississippi. She and I have gotten so close. I absolutely adore her. :) I'm grateful that I have spent some time here. The people here are incredible, and there are people everywhere. Compared to Grafton especially. I hope that one day I will get the opportunity to serve here in the city.

This week I really learned the power of setting worthy goals. I have set myself some goals on a weekly basis and I find that I just set too many and then I never accomplish them because I put too much on my plate at that time. So this week I felt inspired to just set a goal to "just do it", to be a 10 missionary and to just do the work to the best of my abilities. And it really worked out well. I felt so much better then I have in a while. I felt that before I was failing and things were falling through the cracks. But this week I could just work on the work and put all my effort into it and because of that I was strengthened and able to give my heart. And Heavenly Father really helped me. I felt more peace and a stronger spirit and I'm so grateful for that. I'm grateful to know that Heavenly Father truly is so aware of all of us that he helps us to do his work the way he wants it done. He helps us in every aspect. I'm grateful to know that this Church is true, that I have a wonderful family and great examples to look up to. I know that the BOM is the word of God and it can literally change peoples hearts. I know that Heavenly Father is real and that he does answer my prayers.
I love you all and I hope you have the most wonderful week. 
Good luck with school.
Love  you Heaps
Sister Benjamin

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