Fire Danger

(There are horrible brush fires burning in NSW right now.  Some of the fires are right in her area.  The initial threat seems to have passed for Alexis, but sounds like weather conditions are bad, and authorities fear the fires will spread because of this. We are praying for rain!)
I can't believe its almost the end of October already. I feel like we just started. The time is just flying by. This week has been good but just a little bit crazy. The fires haven't helped anything either. The mountains are still up in flames. I think the one closest to us is almost out, or out completely now. There is smoke everywhere though. Ash is falling, and it is really, really thick. But it’s all good. Nobody was hurt from the ward and none of the members houses were destroyed either so that is a relief. We are really glad that everyone is safe. It is crazy that it just started so fast. I guess the wind made an electrical wire break and it sparked and started the fire. We got preevacuated because the wind was blowing the fire down the mountain, but then the wind changed so it was all good. It was a little crazy, but good at the same time.
This week went by so fast, but it was really good. We had really great lessons with our investigators. We taught one about the Book of Mormon and we talked about it for about 30 minutes. It was really powerful and he kept saying wow you really seem like you believe that. I said I did and that if he reads and prays about it he can know too. It was really great. I love having the spirit teach. It is so great. I'm glad Heavenly Father has that perfect plan in store for us to just testify to the witness the spirit gives. It makes our job a lot easier. :) Another lesson was taught to 2 boys. They are from a part member family and the mom really wants them to get baptized so we are working with them. They have really strong testimonies of the Gospel and we are really excited for them. We talked about the Restoration and they knew the story of Joseph Smith and they both believe its true. It was really great to see. It made me think about how much of a role parents play in their children’s lives, whether for good or bad. And just like they said in Conference we need to make sure we are helping them in the right direction by teaching them about covenants and helping them make and keep those covenants.
In trying to become more like the Savior this week, I really have been trying to go more in depth with my studies. I feel like some mornings are really really good and then others, my brain is just in a completely different realm of some sort. But it is really great that every time I pray to be able to focus that Heavenly Father helps me to really have powerful studies. Something I have loved studying on my mission is the New Testament. I never really studied the stories of Jesus on my own before and I just finished the four Gospels and now I am into Acts. It has been a really powerful learning experience. I have been able to learn so much more then ever before. I've been reading the Book of Mormon heaps as well. I am loving it even more. And things that I never picked up on before have been jumping right out of the page. I have loved it. I never loved study so much! :)
I am really enjoying the mission. It has been a really incredible experience and I am really grateful to be able to experience it. Something that my companion and I are trying to do because of conference, is be more diligent. Just like President Monson said "Now is the time." He was referring to working with members, but I think it applies to all situations in Missionary work. Now is the time. We can't waste any more time. The Lord is hastening his work and we can either choose to be a part of it or not. I love this work and I just can't waste any precious moment of time that Heavenly Father has given me. 
Thank you for your incredible example to me. You all are amazing! 
Love you Heaps 
Sister Benjamin

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