2nd Letter from the MTC

Hey Hey!
Well it certainly has been super crazy here at the MTC! Man I can't even believe that I have been here for a whole 7 days. It feels like so much longer then that. Every day is jam packed with everything and I have been really tired. This sleeping schedule has certainly been messing with my body. But it has been really fun. The people in my district are some of the most amazing people I have met. We are all really strong in the Gospel and really not afraid to share experiences we have had and things we have learned. It really helps to invite the spirit and I am really grateful for that! Everyone keeps telling us to how good our district is to. We really have been so blessed to be put together. We don't have hard companions, we all get along really well, and it does help and make me feel more at ease to have Sister Tanner in my district! it has been such a tender mercy. I feel that the people in my district are my family away from my real family. It has helped me through the hard moments when I couldn't talk to all of you. I really have been so blessed to have such a good companion too. Everyone keeps telling me that it is so nice to see you all get along so well. You hear some pretty crazy stories about companions not getting along and doing some really crazy things but I have been really blessed. I really think Heavenly Father knew how much I would have struggled in the MTC with a companion that I couldn't work with. My comp is really really sweet, super funny and just a great spiritual giant that I have learned so much from. We have really grown so close and we have been able to grow together in the gospel as well. It really is a miracle to me. Here we learn to expect miracles. One thing that I have really learned well is that talking to God is a miracle, one of the greatest gifts we can have. He knows everything and I feel so much comfort in knowing that I have an all powerful being watching my every move and helping me along the way. I encourage all of you, if you feel that when you pray you aren't really talking with Heavenly Father, to really try to understand that you are. Imagine him sitting in the room with you just talking. Heavenly Father will listen and answer your prayers. I know that because he has for  me so many times in the last week. I can't even count on all my fingers and toes how many times I have had an answer to a pray here. I feel so much closer to my Savior. I really truly do feel his love for me and the miraculous power of the Atonement. My Savior sacrificed everything for me so that I could be here now, following in his footsteps and trying to learn better how to teach God's Children. I really do feel like a disciple of Christ, emulating his life and his example. My testimony has been stretched in every way but has also been strengthened in every way. I have learned more than I can even tell you. I do know without a doubt though that this is where I am supposed to be. My mission has been in God's plan for me even before I was born. Heavenly Father knew that I needed to got on my mission so that I could grow in ways that I never would have being at home. I have learned so much, and I really do love being a missionary!

Well I don't have a ton of time but thanks for all the letters I have gotten so far. It is a little piece of heaven to get a letter. I never realized before how important getting a letter was. I heard missionaries talk about that all the time and now I really understand why. A mission is a hard thing but I know that it is the right thing. God will watch out for me and if I do everything in my power he will bless me.

I got my travel plans the day after we got here and I leave Monday night.  I'll be in Australia by next Wednesday! CRAZY! I can't even believe it. Well I love you all so much!
Sis Alexis Benjamin

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