Another letter from the MTC

I really can't believe I am leaving for Australia so soon.  I feel like I just got here, but I am leaving.  Our District is getting split up as we fly which is sad.  The Perth missionaries are flying on a different airline than the Sydney missionaries.  Our flights do leave at about the same time which is good.  So my flight from SLC is leaving at 8pm Monday night so I will try to call you before that.  I'm assuming we will probably get through security and such around 6-6:30 so probably around then.  Just be home. :) 

Like I mentioned before, I am learning so much.  God really does love us so much and this MTC is just another one of God's gifts.  In the Devotional last night, Elder Whiting talked about an incubator and how the conditions are controlled just for growth.  I really feel that that is true for us here. We have really great conditions for us to learn how to best grow to become the best missionaries we can be. I have really learned how to study. I've learned better how to know what God wants us to know.  This Church really is TRUE.

They also assigned me  to be the music coordinator, which I really enjoy.  I get prompted by the spirit for which hymn to choose-and then our AMAZING teachers show how it relates to missionary work.  I never realized how many hymns relate to missionary work.  It certainly is a great testimony builder.  I really love all the teachers we have.  There are a couple of teachers who don't have districts so they are just "floating" and they come in and just blow my mind.  It is awesome.  I also learned in the devotional that we leave all the things that provide us comfort at home.  So that we can learn to rely on God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost.  I really have grown so much and I'm sure I will continue to through out these 18 months.

The Book of Mormon is true.  It teaches of Christ and it is just an amazing book.  Joseph Smith is a prophet and he did restore this gospel here on the earth.

Also, thank everyone for their prayers in my behalf, and for all their words of support.  I LOVE YOU ALL.


P.S. Tell Dave Congrats on his mission call and tell ASH, JARE & GRANT to write me!

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