Another week in Grafton

Well this week has had its ups and downs as every week seems to. But I have been blessed by Heavenly Father in so many ways that I truly can't even express them all. One of the best comfort sources I have found is in the scriptures. They are so wonderful. I have learned so much about the scriptures in these last 2 1/2 months, that I can't even seem to wrap my mind around it. It blows my mind that I can pray and open my scriptures and there is the answer to my prayers. I love it. I love the BOM and I know it is true with all of my heart.

We have visited a lot of LA (less actives) this week. They seem really kind but not all of them seem to want to come back. So we will have to prayerfully decide who needs our visits and what we can move on and do. We also have some new investigators, and one that seems close to possibly baptism which is so exciting. I hope he can decide to be baptized. His wife is LA and trying to quit smoking and come back as well. Pray for both of them, and pray for this area that we will be able to find God's elect children. 

Well I guess my talents are coming in to use as well. I play the piano every week in the Branch. Which is good and sometimes bad at the same time. Haha :) One of the coolest things that happened this week though was the Branch President asked us to give a talk in Sacrament Meeting on Saturday night.  I knew immediately that I needed to speak on the Scriptures, and I was able to write a 10 minute talk with the limited resources I had, in less then 2 hours. I was so amazed by how quickly Heavenly Father blessed me to be able to write my talk, and give me the spirit to be able to deliver the talk that would be right.

I really am glad to be a missionary. Yes it is hard, it is so hard, but I know that I am doing what Heavenly Father needs me to be doing at this time. I'm so grateful for the blessings of the Gospel. I'm grateful for a Heavenly Father and Savior who know me personally, and know that I can do all that is asked of me with their help. They truly are the greatest!  I'm glad to know that I have such a great family at home praying for me and making life easier. I know that I can do this. Things will pick up and good things will happen. I love you all and I hope you have the best week ever!
Sister Benjamin! :) 

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