6 minutes from Duck Dynasty

As we learned that Lexie is serving in the area of Duck Dynasty fame, we watched some episodes last night.  She is a mere 6 minutes from the Duck Commander warehouse.

Well I'm with my new companions now.  They are both absolutely wonderful. I have felt quite overwhelmed though. I mean I wasn't prepared to come to Mississippi, but it has been a pretty good day. When I got to West Monroe, I met my comps and we drove over to the apt, got my suitcases out and then we went shopping at Walmart. I got good old food and some other necessities but as we were going over to buy some shampoo, we saw this lady and one of my comps just commented on her purple shirt. I said I loved purple too and we just got into this huge long conversation with her about her house, and family, and how she lives and all this stuff. She really is so nice. She was telling us about how her Granddaughter absolutely loves to read the Bible and how she takes it to school and reads it to all of her friends. We were having such a good talk. She talked about how she loves going to other churches and finding out what they believe in. We asked if she had ever heard of our church, and she said she had a brother in law who had, but he's dead now. She has heard some about the BOM and things. And as we were talking I felt that we should introduce her to the BOM again and ask if she would read it. One of my comps pulled a BOM out of her bag and we asked her if she would read it and she said she would. We wrote our names and number in the front and asked here about going to Church. She said she would go, but who knows if she really will. But this whole time we were talking to her, I kept feeling that this is why I am out here serving a mission. To be able to meet people and talk to them and ask them about their lives and introduce them to the Gospel. The spirit was there and she was saying how she thanked God that he placed her in Walmart at the same time so that she could just meet us. I know that this is why I'm here. Today definitely was a rough day. A lot of ups and downs and Satan was really working on me and telling me why are you even in the South. You know nothing about the South you can't do this. But because of that I was able to pray to Heavenly Father, just pleading with him to let me know that I can do this. That this mission is what is the right thing for me. That no matter where I am the work is the same. God's children need the Gospel and I can give it to them with Heavenly Fathers help. I felt so reassured after that meeting in Walmart and I know that that was not a coincidence. God puts people in our lives for a reason and I can do this with his help. It doesn't matter how hard it is or how many people I do meet because all of God's children need the Gospel. 

After we left Walmart we went back home and unpacked the groceries and then we went straight over to a dinner appt. with a lady in the area. She is such a nice lady. She made us fried chicken and potato salad. Super tasty :) And then after we practiced teaching the first lesson with her. She really was so helpful and she talked a lot about her family and how she wished that her kids would find the Gospel just as she had done. I was able to testify that God has a plan for us and he will give everyone of his children an opportunity to have the chance to join the church. No one will be left behind. God loves his children and so even if they don't get the chance to have the Gospel here they will be able to have it in the next life. All things will be made right in the eternities. We talked about how this life is learning how to have a stronger more intimate relationship with our Heavenly Father. I am so grateful that I have a relationship with my Heavenly Father because without it I would not be sitting here in Louisiana right now. I probably would have gone home as soon as I found out I was coming here. But I truly do know that God has placed me here for a reason, whether it be because of the companions that I will have or someone that I need to touch and bless their life. But whatever it is I will find out, and I will take advantage of every opportunity. This is God's work. I really am learning to rely fully on him. As I did that today he blessed me and I was able to be helped to have an experience that would make me love being here. Even though I have only been here for one day, I already love the South. All the people we have met today are really nice. They love to talk to you and I can't wait to see what kind of experiences I will have.

I talked to the Mission President today and he said that as soon as he hears about my visa he will let me know and then he will come pick me up. Then I will probably sleep in the mission home that night and then go straight off to Australia the next day. So that really could be tomorrow or next week or a month. But as long as I am here I am going to take advantage of the time that has been given me. I really can't believe I am here but I really do love being here. I love the people that I have met and I am grateful that I have a testimony of my Savior and this Gospel. Life just wouldn't be the same without it.

Well I love you all. I really hope you are having a great time with everyone. Make sure you keep living the Gospel and work each day to become more like a disciple of Christ. Not just a Mormon. We have a lot of those but we follow Jesus Christ. He set the example and we need to follow him.
Love you all
Sister Benjamin. or "Benji" as everyone is calling me here :)

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