First week in Louisiana

Three cousins before they left the MTC

On their way to Jackson, Mississippi
  I absolutely loved Conference. It was so amazing. I loved watching it as a missionary and being able to be in tune with the spirit. I didn't have all the feelings of the things that I need to work on. It was more a message of peace and comfort and even though there are trials it will be okay. We watched the YW's broadcast as well and one of them talked about that trials can either be a springboard for growth or a roadblock and I am really trying to make my trials a springboard for growth. I have some pretty rough moments this week but because of my wonderful companions and wonderful Heavenly Father I have been able to make it through them and been able to learn and move forward because of it. We are a car share area. So we have the car one week and then the elders have the car the next week. So when we don't have the car we bike. I borrowed a bike from one of the other sisters in the zone because I can't afford to buy a bike here and then in Australia. But they are taking good care of me so there really is nothing to worry about. We get fed every single day and sometimes twice a day. The only meal I have eaten at the apartment all week is breakfast.. And if we don't exercise more I definitely am going to get fat! :) haha 

We have visited a couple of people this week and my companions say that I am a miracle worker because all of the other times they have tried to visit someone they aren't home so I guess Heavenly Father knows I'm here :) We committed one lady to come to church with us and read the BOM but she didn't come. So hopefully when we see her this week we will be able to get her to come. We met a lady while we were out tracting. On a completely random street that just popped into my companions head. But we knocked on the door and we sat down and we were able to teach her the Restoration. As we did she was talking to us and she said normally she doesn't let people in but she had a weird feeling that she just needed to let us in. So hopefully we will be able to go back and see her. She really is a nice lady. When I meet these people I feel a love for them that I didn't know I had in me. It really has been a cool experience. I love that I can just meet someone off the street and instantly love them. I have been struggling this week though with staying awake. One of my companions and I were at a members house visiting with them and we both just slept. It was really bad but also really funny. They made fun of us for that one for quite sometime :). 

At the Catfish Festival
One of the members that is taking good care of her

Her companions
 We went to the Catfish Festival on Saturday. Which is this huge festival where everyone just comes and sets up booths and just shares their talents. The Stake president here set up the a booth for us and there was like 15 missionaries there and we handed out pamphlets and BOM and who knows if anyone kept them or what but hopefully we planted at least one seed. I got completely fried because the Louisiana sun and I are not friends. :) But we woke up at like 4:30 Saturday and went to the festival until 6 pm that evening. It was a rough day and when we got back we went to bed at like 8. Then we basically slept through Church. Okay well my comps did. I didn't. I actually played the piano in primary at Church. So that was fun :) They don't have anyone really who plays so I guess that job just automatically falls to me. :) But I did certainly have my ups and downs, but as I was studying my scriptures I read so many that said pray always and so that's what I did. One of my teachers in the MTC writes his prayers down and I just wanted to try that. I wrote down what I asked for and then I really truly listened. As I did that I definitely got an answer to my prayers. I definitely feel like my Visa is coming soon. I feel like possibly this week but if not I just felt that I needed to have faith. One of my comps is on her last transfer and she said she feels like I will be gone before she is done. All of us feel like my visa will come sooner then later. But My comp said she had a dream last night that my visa came and we were all freaking out, so maybe that was a vision of the future. :) I hope so :) But as long as I'm still here I will keep pressing forward the best that I can. Well I love you all! Sorry this email is really scattered but it really is all I have time for.  I love you all. Have a great week

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