The Visa is Here!!

Hey Ya'll!
This week has been awesome, but also super crazy!
So last week me and my companions were at the Church and my companion had been talking to President, so she comes running in to give me the phone. President told me that I had gotten my visa. I literally started bawling. I basically couldn't breathe. President was so sweet and he told me he would wait until I could contain myself and keep talking to him. So then he told me that I would be leaving that Monday. After he hung up I just kept crying. I realized that that exchange was exactly what needed to happen. (Because they went on an exchange with a sister from the next area over, they ended up meeting a lady that is friends with a family we know that has a daughter that is completely inactive right now.  Alexis and the lady talked about this girl, and Alexis felt prompted to write her a letter.  There were a lot of things that led to Alexis being in a place to meet her, and for the lady to be with the missionaries to know that Alexis was there.) So many things had been pushed in the way to make it not happen. We had to jump through so many hoops, but it is because it is so necessary. And when Satan sees that something needs to happen he will work so hard to make sure it doesn't, but we are stronger then he is.

So yeah I'm going to Australia! And I couldn't be more excited. I have loved serving here but it has definitely been so hard. I really struggled being here and the people here were not accepting at all of the Gospel. So I was just not trying very hard I guess. But I talked to my companions and we said that the moment you become fully here and happy, is when Heavenly Father will pull you out. So literally that is what happened. I started to really love being here and so many good things were happening, and then I got the call that I was leaving. It definitely was a bitter sweet thing and it still is but I am really excited to go! :) We met a lot of good people this week but not many are wanting to accept the Gospel, but hopefully we are planting seeds. One lady we talked to really wanted to understand more about the BOM, so we taught her the restoration. She asked me why I joined the Church and why I believed what I did. I told her that I had been a member all my life but I did have to become converted to the Gospel. I told her how I gained my testimony of Joseph Smith, and because I knew that he was prophet, I knew that the BOM is true, and because of that I know that the Church is true. She seemed really intrigued when I said that so hopefully she will want to learn more and pray about it herself. We taught another guy this Saturday and he is quite the interesting guy. He talks for forever though. We got there at like 12 and then we talked to him about the BOM for about a half-hour and then he told us the most random things but he knows the BOM is the word of God and this is only his second lesson. He really wants to try out our church so he is going to come on the 12th. Obviously I won't be there but I really hope he does because he needs the Gospel in his life. As do all of us.

When I found out I was leaving I felt very strongly that I needed to sing in  Sacrament meeting. But nobody here plays the piano except one, but she was leaving town and I had never played and sang before in Sacrament meeting. I was feeling really nervous and i just didn't want to do it. But I decided that I still should. It was really fun. I have missed singing a lot and as I did that my testimony grew stronger of the Gospel. One of the hardest things here on my mission is following the promptings of the Spirit, but when I do it literally is the coolest thing. I know that Heavenly Father is watching out for me and that he will never leave me alone. He knows all and he will will make sure that the work gets done no matter what. I know this Church is true. I know that Joseph Smith is a prophet and that he was called of God.
I love you all! I hope you all have a wonderful week and that you strive to strengthen your testimony each day.
Sister Benjamin

Alexis will be leaving May 6th for Australia!!

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