Louisiana Week 2

Well this week was good. We started biking this week. Let me tell ya it isn't the most fun I've had. We probably have biked close to 50 miles. And my legs are truly feeling it. We tracted a lot this week and not a lot of people like to hear our message. Most of them already know Jesus Christ and they don't want to know anymore. But there are moments and glimmers of hope. We have tracted into this guy that is an older man, he's black and he doesn't have that many teeth. But he wanted to talk to us. So we set up an appt. and we taught him the Restoration. That lesson was so powerful. The spirit was so strong, you really could have cut it with a knife. We asked him at the end if he believed that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God and he said that he couldn't deny it. That to do something that great you would have to have the power of God on your side. Holy Cow! That lesson was amazing. I was able to testify of the truths we had taught him and that if he would read the BOM and pray sincerely the blessings of heaven would pour out on him. We are meeting with him next Saturday and hopefully setting him with a Baptismal date! :) We also tracted into this other girl.  She let us in and she had a lot of questions about Mormons and if we are able to cut our hair and if we wear skirts all the time but we were able to answer every question. We then testified of the BOM and prayed with her and she really seems interested and wants us to come back. I hope we can set her with a Baptismal date as well. Here in the south we don't have a ton of success. Or I guess other missionaries do here but in the area we are in not that many people want to change their ways or beliefs. But I know this work is the Lord's work and every day I try harder to do what he would have me do.

I have started studying Jesus the Christ and it literally blows my mind every single time I read it. Jesus Christ is amazing. I can't believe all the things he has done for me. Something else I studied is hope. I have been struggling a lot with being happy here and trying to find peace with being in Mississippi, but one day I was studying and I was just flipping through the pages in PMG and I stopped on Christlike Attributes on Hope. I read it and it was exactly what I needed to hear. Heavenly Father has not forgotten me out here in Louisiana. I'm here to work and no matter where I am preaching the Gospel is the same. All of God's Children need the gospel. So I'm trying to find those chosen elect who will accept the Gospel. Just like President Uchtdorf said we all spoke the Universal language in heaven, the pure love of Christ. And when you use that language talking to others they will recognize it and listen and be edified. The Gospel is true. Everyday I learn that. I have had so many doubts on my mission, and I full heartedly believe that Satan works harder on me here then ever before. But along with the doubts my faith grows so much more then ever before. My testimony is so much stronger because I have to push Satan off every day. Heavenly Father is real, Jesus is the Christ and the BOM is the word of God. It can't be disputed and it can't be changed. God is the same yesterday, today, and forever. We are in the last dispensation and the Gospel will touch every corner of the Earth. I truly love being a missionary and I can't wait to see what lies ahead.
My life will be forever changed because of my mission. 
Well i love you all.
Have a great week
Sister Benjamin

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